A little late but thank you

I said I would be talking more about my city in the next entries however it seems wrong to talk about my city without first mentioning the great people in it. 2 weeks aog was my birthday, a big one too, not THE BIG one but close! I haven’t been into planning much or getting too complicated I simply wanted a nice evening with my friends and that’s exactly what I got! A night of Oso Bucco, bowling and drinks and I couldn’t have asked for better.

In fact coming home, despite being a trying experience on it’s own, it has made me open my eyes again to how wonderful the people in my life are. It didn’t have to be a big coming home party or anything over the top but just being near the people I love again ( I say my friends but of course I also mean my mommy in all this) has helped me tremendously.

So here are a few pics from my birthday and random get-togethers…..the Habs making it this far into the playoffs has helped :)

GO HABS GO!!!! Go back to Mario Lemieux's home and think about what you did Crosby!


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