A new begining

So yes this week I officially turned one year older…..I think I got my first wrinkle also, it’s all downhill from here bring on the Botox and collagen face creams! I should start by saying that officially it was a great birthday as in seeing everyone, dinners, drinks and bowling (yes we went bowling it’s what happens when you spend 8 months in south east asia )

Also this week I received my new passport, since my old one was not only expiring in August but also completely full! I’m so proud, as if I had discovered the energy equation or found a cure for cancer! Not quite as grand but still an achievement in my little world. Of course all this brought on the inevitable question……the question that’s been in my head for so long…. Now what?

Now what? Where to go from here, what to aim for? Like a recovering alcoholic I try to stay away from looking at pictures of my travels or even thinking about it too much for fear of falling off the wagon (or is it getting on the wagon??? Whatever something about the wagon).

To be honest I have not accepted or really said goodbye to ‘’My Year’’ I’m not ready, I’m somewhere in limbo right now. I’m not great at goodbyes all together and this one is particularly hard. I fell in love so many times over, fell in love with a country, with my girls, with the kids, with a people, with a smell, with a wonderful man, with a scenery, with a sound, with a taste, with a feeling…..with myself….how to say goodbye to all of it? That feeling of pure happiness every time you open your eyes in the morning….That feeling of absolute freedom in every sense of the word?

They tell me to take things one day at a time, so today I got paid and had a really big browny and last night I watched the Habs move to round 2 of the Stanley Cup playoffs. We’ll see what tomorrow brings!


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