Back to the roots

I haven’t written in a little while for various reasons, there was so much going on in my mind I wasn’t even sure how to put it all in words, my blog is called `Leaving on a jet plane` and not coming home on one....every time I logged on I got nostalgic over my trip and wasn’t sure how to even start writing. To be honest not much has changed except I’ve really missed writing. I’m not sure anyone still reads any of it but it feels good to write, in a way sending my thoughts into the void.

I’m not sure I’ll keep in up on this blog because it wasn’t the point and at the same time I’m not sure I want to start another one or give up writing I guess we’ll see.

The plan is this, I’ve been writing so much about all the wonderful places I’ve seen and people I’ve met and it seemed unfair that I hadn’t done as much for the best of it all…..home. I won’t lie, I have many mixed feelings about returning and being back to this reality but none of it is the fault of my wonderful city and much less so the fault of the wonderful people in it.

So I decided to take pictures of Montreal as I was walking around, the way I would take pictures of Saigon, or Betafo, or Phnom Penh, or Yangoon, or Kathmandu……oh God there goes the nostalgia! Also I didn’t have to go to the other side of the world to meet great people, my peeps are awesome and have truly helped me ‘’ease’’ back into life as it is here. So I will dedicate most of my next entries to my city and my friends as a thank you for being so great!


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