What is and isn't?

Hong Kong IS NOT a quaint little place to travel to in order to meet locals and understand local culture. Hong Kong is not a place where the locals will run after you in the street to offer you tea and sweets. Hong Kong is not a place where neighbors raise eachother's children and people sleep with their hut doors unlocked.

Hong Kong IS a city. A city where people care very much how they look and what brand names they are wearing. Hong Kong is a city where is matters who you know, how much you make and where you hang out.

But Hong Kong is impressive, it is advanced and some sort of display of just how much humans are capable of whether good or bad depends of course on each person's view. One can say how beautiful it must have been before all this concrete and shining lights, how beautiful the nature, the mountains and coast line must have been....While another person can argue how impressive human ingenuity is.....

The point is in order to appreciate things or to be happy all together we must accept things for what they are rather than what we want them to be. Madagascar was authentic and beautiful, Hong Kong is a place where I can get great sushi, Burma was a place where you can feel like family after meeting someone for 5 mins, Bangkok is a place where you try to spot ladyboys and maybe go to a pussy ping pong show (that's right they have those and much more).....each place has it's own reality and has to be appreciated for what it is.


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