Traveling 101 according to Dr Andreea Ph.D

Words of wisdom on how to really travel.....

Firstly, you have to know yourself and a little what type of traveler you are and why you are traveling. To relax, to experience something new, to party..... To meet ladyboys?

I think in any type of travel you have to come out of your shell a little, the idea that you're outside of your comfort zone already should push you a little to try something new.

For myself, I can tell you I never reserve hotels or accommodations any more, I think it's best to get there and see for yourself where you want to stay. Never get a hotel room that's so nice that you don't want to leave it. Have a plan as to what you want to see and do but no fixed plan, be open to talking to other travelers or even better the locals on where to go and how to get there.

Try to stay away from just the popular places, try to go to smaller more remote locations and explore a little. Be open, talk to everyone, chances are you'll meet at least one person who is as great as you :)

Try new things, food, activities......go motorbiking, cycling to impossible places...take your time to enjoy each thing that you see rather than rushing to see it all. Traveling is about living something not necessarily just seeing it. Change your plans if you have to, take a few extra hours on your trek or from your schedule to have tea with a local.

Surprise the locals, talk to them, cook with them.....try to see what they do in their daily life. So much of a successful travel has to do with the people you meet...... travelers like you or locals. Accept things for what they are and not what you want them to be. Bangkok is a party place not a cultural experience, Madagascar is a natural beauty don't go there to go shopping.......

Go crazy and leave your bubble a little, why not? No one is around to judge you and you shouldn't judge others, we are who we are and it's great that way. Plus people and things might end up surprising you in a wonderful way.

What else? Don't be afraid I promise 99% of the people you meet are good and want you no harm, at worst they're just indifferent to you but for the most part if you're lost someone will help you, invite you into their home for tea or rice or just to hang out. Don't be afraid go take off on your own, if you spend your life waiting for someone to do everything with then you might miss out on a few things, even if you're in a couple it doesn't mean we're not still individuals and sometimes have our own needs :)

Of course be respectful of the locals and their way of life and try to know a little about the history and traditions of the places you're visiting, it makes the experience better on an entirely new level.

Take time to rest but not too much, you can rest at home not when you're traveling. Of course down time varies greatly if you're traveling one year versus one evaluate accordingly.

I could go on but this is enough for today's lesson :)

Needless to say traveling is my drug, I have been so privileged to do it this way and I'm grateful for it every day. I have met so many different people, each one has brought something new to me. I have seen so many beautiful things and even re-living them in my head still amazes me. I feel like I've lived 10 lives in the past year.....


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