Koh Tao

After on month of being in a world that moves at 10m/hr (aka Burma), where people seem to just sit, have tea and watch the world go by.....where being white is still a novelty to the locals, coming to one of the "calm" islands of Thailand is quite the difference.

I think there are about 3 Thai people here and the only come out once per week. Koh Tao is the diving certification capital of Thailand and they say something like 15% of all dive instructors are formed here. The diving is great I have to say, not egypt great but still. There's something about diving, about being in a place where you're not really supposed to be. It feels like you're flying and swimming at the same time. It's silent yet you can hear so much and all of your senses seem heightened......I really love it. It feels like everything else just disappear and it's just you and the water.

I'm hanging out with some friends I met a month ago in Bangkok and some of their friends, all from England and really sweet guys, I've been so lucky with all the people I've met.

However, more than a few days here and I'd go crazy, people rent motorbikes to travel about 1km per day, some live here and have never seen the other side of the island (aka 10 kms east of here). It's a beach, sun, drink, party and do nothing place but for a few days it's perfect.

I can't upload pics today but just picture perfect beaches, clear waters and lots of bars along the beach and you've got it just about right.


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