I'm in heaven, And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak.

So I'm not going to tell the entire story of Burma because I wouldn't be sure where to start and it would probably take me another month just to put all my thoughts together.

Here's the gist of it. It feels like stepping back 50 years ago in some ways, women dress traditionally, the men wear skirts called longuys, everyone spends most of their days in tea houses surprisingly having tea and nothing else. The streets are dusty and smell of fried rice with chicken.

Tea houses sometimes only serve tea no alcohol, they are filled with men watching soccer (we're not sure where the women are most of the time.....we just usually see them riding their bikes). It's a funny sight to see grown motorcycle men hanging out having tea and biscuits hell's angels style. Myanmar/Burma has 58mil people and about 130mil stupas.....each one quite impressive.

People live simple but seemingly happy lives much happier than what we expected from all the military junta oppressive government.....none of the people we met seemed to complain too much. We're not sure if people don't complain because they're afraid to or are happy enough not to.....also we didn't travel to every part of the country so it's hard to make a definite statement about it.

Furthermore, the people are incredibly friendly, I can't tell you how many cups of tea and sweets, rice wine and lunches we had in small huts with the locals.

So here are a few pics of the country and it's wonderful people.


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