"trekking" in Chiang Mai

8AM on the bus to the mountains

Me (pre-coffee and bad sleep): uuumm

Noelia: Ola, I am Noelia, this is Tomas, how are you?

Me: UUmm

4 more people get on board

Ola! Ola! Laura, Luisa....Ola....si si Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza...si si!

Me: UUmmmm

1 more person gets on.

Tomas II: Ahoj I am from Czech republic

Everyone but me: OLA! Welcome!


Tomas II: Anyone want some Rum?

So what do you get when you put 6 Spanish peeps, 1 Czech guy and one grumpy Canadian together? You get 8 drunk people trying to go trekking! No Kidding I am off alcohol for this week at least but it was fun. Everyone but Tomas II and I were definitely not trekkers, Noelia and Tomas I were converted but the others were more OK we walked 20 mins let's rest and smoke for 40 mins.

The fist day we had to hook up with a group of Koreans who were carrying like 20kgs of BBQ meat and wearing heels. We "walked" for 4 hours and about 2 kms downhill! Maybe not that bad.....but overall the people were very cool and we had a nice time. Not a traditional trek but sometimes you have to take things as they come and make the best of it.

I'll put up pics soon


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