The sacred lake

So I mentioned this volcanic lake we went to which was perfectly round(all kinds of mystical beliefs around it I think) and set in a beautiful lush forest setting....

The first day we were there, we were almost the only ones in our dock with our beers and soaking up some sun. As we were perfecting our laps techniques, a group of Buddhist monks came and looked like they wanted to swim. Since our stuff was all over the place I decided to get out and tidy up to make room for them.....the second they saw me in a bikini coming out of the water, short of poking their own eyes out Oedipus style, the all turned around and ran away :)

We later heard on the radio that a group of monks had moved to a remote, isolated mountainous region to reaffirm their vows...

The second day, again as we were hanging out a group of Koreans joined us sat in a circle and began some sort of ritual/cult was a Christian group! (BEN MECI). So again here we are sipping beer and trying to distract them from what they're doing by making inappropriate use of the fruit we bought to snack on while this group of Christians is chanting and some even crying as they were telling stories of something. (my Korean is limited to hello and one beer please so none of that came up in what they were saying)


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