Living with locals is by far the best way to really understand the local culture and it helps when the people are so wonderful.

Dimang's parents told me what is was like to live under the Pol Pot regime and how much they suffered. They had no opportunity to study and have therefore insisted that all their children go to university and have provided them with so much love and affection that they are all succeeding perfectly.

All the children in the family love and respect their parents, it seems like something out of a movie back home but I assure you it's real.

Yesterday I said goodbye and I'm not quite over it yet. Not to mention that it was my final goodbye to Christine and Carolyn who I have really come to love like sisters. They live in Maine so it'll be easier to see them again when we all go home.

So that's it, I'm now in Siem Reap going to visit Angelina and Angkor Wat and then off to Thailand.

Hope all is well back home


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