The next day

Saturday the festivities started around 6AM....yeah we got there by 10 and unfortunately missed the morning blessing dance where her sister (my Khmer dance teacher) Di Mang, and a few other of our students were performing.

At 8:30-ish Carolyn and I set out with Pierou, one of the staff members here, so get out make-up done. So as you all know I don't usually wear too much make-up because I can't for work and I think I don't really need I'm much more for the natural look. However when in Rome....

Let's just say that Khmers are not so much for the natural look. Here skin whitening cream, fuchsia lipstick and fake hair are the top sellers. Yeah so after some fake eyelashes and about layers of foundation and make up we were off!

We got onto our chariot and like 2 Cinderellas we set out for the ball at 9:30AM.

Vanne, the bride's family are just about the nicest people you could ever meet. Carolyn and I were the only non-Khmers there and as a consequence we were the stars of the wedding. I mean every relative wanted to take pictures with us, everyone was concerned as to whether we were eating enough or got so bad that the bride herself was apologizing for not having enough time to entertain us!

Ok back to the wedding, in the morning, there is a tent set out in front of the brides house where everyone invited and just random people from the neighborhood can swing by. There is singing and some entertainment in the form of a play. Then there's the first set of blessings. The bride changes a total of like 10 times that day. I ran out of memory on my card to get all of her dresses!

Each dress is beautiful and looks more uncomfortable than the last, at one point Vanne was crying and we weren't sure if it was due to emotions or how uncomfortable she was!

Then we eat lunch. Rice, meat and some broth stuff, all very good. At this point everyone goes home and those who live too far stay at the brides' house to rest. Some of our students stayed and got into their jammies and napped. Of course everyone sat on the floor under one fan while Carolyn and I were given a bed with our own fan!

At 4ish we move to the restaurant where the bridal party sits outside to greet the coming guests for the next 2 hours, again changing another 3 times.....and God did her shoes look uncomfortable!

At this point, more of our students came, all the teachers, so we ate and danced the rest of the night. It was GREAT!


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