On the 24th, we all went to mass together which was only about 1 hour long. We had a conductor that was very passionate about his Choir so we got the giggles at one point. Then the sisters went to eat with the fathers and the 3 of us came home to have wine and cheese and chicken curry!

When the sisters got home we all had a little gift exchange and laughed and drank and then the girls and I watched a Christmas carol with Jim Carrey.
On the 25th, we got up extra early and made Eggs Benedict for the sisters. Our Hollandaise turned out perfect, I’ve only gotten it that good once at home! Everyone loved it (or at least so they said and so far everyone is still alive).
We then went to mass again but Christine and I were too tired so we ran away and came home to nap. At noon the sisters from our sister community came here for lunch. We all ate together and then played games. The sisters also did a little dance number, they can be a lot more fun than you might think.

It was Christmas for our dogs as well, Sister Lina made sure of that, I love her!


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