Ok so why not I'm in the land of Buddhism let's try meditation:

Meditation teacher (MT): Ok everyone close your eyes and try to rid your mind of all thoughts and just focus on your breathing.

Me: Ok breathe In and OUT, IN and OUT ....no thoughts.... ok God it's warm here, if not for anything else I miss the cold in Nepal and when I say cold I mean 20C is cold compared to here.

Breathe IN and OUT

Nepal was really nice but poor and so many problems, I'm so happy to be a canadian, although I was watching the news about global warming and wow what is Alberta doing with it's oil exploitation...it accounts for like 50% of the world's pollution.

MT: Empty your mind and focus on breathing

Me: Oh right IN and OUT.....stupid Alberta although I heard there are no rats in Alberta, could this be? It's not the case here, they are everywhere, in Kathmandu i only saw dead rats. Maybe Rats go there to die, like a pilgrimage, maybe it's the Mecca of rats a last holly journey....God I'm stupid

MT: Breathe and focus on emptiness.

Me: Oh right, IN and OUT and nothingness.....nothingness....ok am I relaxed now? Is this it? IN and OUT, someone smells like curry....

MT: Emptiness.

Me: MMMMM I want chicken butter massala....sooo good, I wonder if I could get that in Cambodia.

MT: Ok our session is over is everyone relaxed?

Me: No Canada is contributing to global warming at an alarming rate, maybe because Alberta wants warmer summers, I miss Nepal and where can I get chicken butter massala?....maybe I should have gone to India on this trip

So I think I might need a little more time before I can focus on a lotus flower for 5 hours and reach my Chi!


  1. LOL gawwdddd i miss you!!!!! >.< I could totally follow your train of thought during the meditation session... T'es moi 2.

  2. Nue n'ain meditation soooo not for me yet! Forced relaxation does not work so well.
    I miss you too babes


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