A vacation from my vacation

So as mentioned before I decided to extend my stay in Nepal to see a little more of this beautiful and even a little mysterious country.

I went for a week to Pokhara a beautiful city by one of the largest lakes in Nepal. To a canadian this lake would be more like a pond but it was great. I made some news friends, Nicolas from Switzerland whom I hung out with for a few days.

I motorbiked in the countryside, kayaked on the lake, read 3 books, had time for facials and yoga...it was lovely.

To my great surprise I was reunited with another old friend from the week before. Stepan and his group had just finished hiking in the Annapurnas and were in Pokhara for 2 days. He saved me from having to carry my kayak back to the rental store :)

Pokhara was lovely and my time there incredible.


  1. MAAAAAAaaaaHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhh...

  2. N'aiiiinn MMMAAHHHH oh Manuela! Je me meurs...but i'll be ok eventually 2-2-2


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