The Universe

So I'm not saying that I'm going to start looking at how the stars align to figure out what I want to do with my life but sometimes it's hard not to listen to what "the universe" or "destiny" (both of which I do not really believe in) are trying to tell you.

Sometimes random meetings happen and leave you locked jaw, mouth open, as in talking about 2 old ladies you met in Pokhara to someone and then a few minutes later seeing them on the streets in Kathmandu!

Yesterday I wandered the streets a little sad, it rained, it's as if the weather was feeling my sorrow and I checked my email and a friend from Laos was in Kathmandu. Kristina and her boyfriend just came back from Annapurna. We hadn't bumped into eachother but later that day when I checked my email again she said her boyfriend was sitting in front of a computer when my blog popped up! I mean what are the odds they would go to the same internet cafe and sit at the same computer and notice that it was my blog? Then she randomly went to my guesthouse and I randomly walked out of my room and we saw eachother! And it could 't have come at a better time cuz I could really have used some company then :)

Then yesterday was the first day I really and I mean REALLY thought of what I'm going to do when I get home, work-wise. I uploaded my CV from my USB and started going through it. Then a few minutes later, I was buying shwarma (yes Arab food here.....and It's really good, a taste from home that I miss). Anyhow, shwarma and I bumped into this man from Delhi. Puneet Malhotra who is basically a head hunter for Northampton University.

He is here conducting interviews for Master's program's in the UK, MBA, MA, Ma in International relations. So we started chatting, and he's like why don't you do an MBA or something in International relations and then you could work with an NGO or something that does work in Developing countries. So we went to Tom and Jerry's pup, had a drink, I told him my background, my grades and GPA and he said I was the perfect candidate for Northampton.....

Like all engineers I've been toying with the idea of an MBA...maybe, Maybe not? It was just strange that this should come up now, the day I'm asking myself all these questions....


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