Simple Present: I eat
Present progressive....no Continuous no Progressive???? OH God what am I doing Oh God I don't know anything how am I going to teach a class??? Ok so after the episode 2 of rocking because I was worried about what I was going to teach, I read a few grammar books and armed with my charm and a pretty new skirt I got in Nepal, I went into my first class.

Scarily collective: GOOD MOWNING TEACHA!

Me: um (2-2-2) ok good mooring ladies you may sit down

Girls: Thank You TeachA!

My girls are in their teens I think between 15 and 20 but they're asian so for all I know they could be 30. This is a secretary school basically but they may move on to university and do something else. It's a lot more modern than my school in Mad, we have computers and I get to print stuff.... The girls have pretty uniforms so it's a little harder to tell in terms of situation if they are worse off than my girls in Mad....but I'm going to stop comparing. I think Madgascar is a notch above anything else in terms of poor....

Mainly I want to say that my classes are going really well, Fridays we have debate day and today we talked about women's rights, being independent..... I'll have them burning their bras by the time I leave (we'll just get more after we're right next to China you know).

I teach anything from grammar to speech improvement to reading comprehension. I try to be silly in class and make the girls laugh and participate as much as possible. I don't see time fly when I'm teaching, it's incredible. I absolutely love it!

I know on the pics I'm such a poser....but I think I pull off the baldish teacher (2 of my girls want to shave their heads.....the others say I look l like a boy!)

I insist they call me Andreea and not teacher but the Dree is hard for them (Anji-ya) so they call me Andie for short :) Makes me feel like Ange is here cuz that's what she calls me....love you babes!


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