Take a lot and try to give a little back

One day, while I was having coffee, reading the kite runner and crying like an idiot, I saw an add saying there was a local orphanage that needed volunteers. The add said any amount of time is appreciated, you com help with homework or just play with the kids :)

It's called OUr children home vision. It was founded by 9 Nepalese guides in the Annapurnas who had seen so many orphans that they decided to build a home for them. For the moment they have only 4 perfect little munchkins who I don't have to mention come from difficult backgrounds. They live with one "mother" of the house who cooks and watched over them. Their school is paid for and they're looking for volunteers to do anything that can help with the kids. I met 3 volunteers here, all from Israel who have either just finished their military service or taking a break from work. I only spent 2 days there, but it was very nice. There's nothing like playing with kids to make you forget everything else :)


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