Sometimes being a girl alone is really funny....

Nepali guy: Hello Lady, where you from?

Me: Botswana, how about you?

Nepali guy: I from Nepal, my name is Samto, what is your name?

Me: Andreea

Samto: Andri you are very beautiful, maybe you and me can share a smoke? No money just a smoke between friends.

Me: Um no thanks I don't smoke.

Samto: You wanna go trek

Me: Um no I"m done trekking I'm just going to relax in Pokhara a few days.

Samto: Me I help you relax, tonight I give you a massage, we smoke and we can make Nepali romance. When you make nepali romance one night you want nepali romance every night.

Me: (lol) Danyabat (thank you) but I think you have the wrong person.

Samto: No I feel it, I Love you! I give you all that you want, I have everything but one thing, you know one thing....


Samto: You let your hair grow and I Love you even more

Me: (touching my head) I like my hair this way.

Samto: No I don't mean hair on your head, I mean your woman hair.

Me: Ok bye now! LOL!!!!

(just so you no one worries he didn't follow me or anything like that and I never felt in danger in any way plus he was about 5' tall...... I just thought it was something a little unique to write about)


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