Men are from Mars and women are from Venus

I'm at the Delhi airport for my 200hour stop over on the way to Bangkok and I started chatting with Richard about random things to kill time.....

Me: So yesterday I met someone who put the idea of a masters in england...Northampton actually in my head.

Richard: Cool I'm debating if I should take a bus from Agra to Mumbay and just make a few stops along the way instaed of flying.

Me: To be honest I did always think I would go back to school one day.

Richard: It's a really long way though.

Me: Yeah that sounds like a long way. Although I mean going back to school without all my friends just wouldn't be the it would be an MBA or like a Masters in International relations and I'm really much more of an engineer....

Richard: I once was on the bus for 46hrs in was hell.

Me: Yeah for sure. And would I want to move to London? I've always thought of maybe living somewhere else for a year or 2 but London and I wouldn't be making any money.

Richard: Yeah the busses in London are pretty good, although you're better off taking the tube.

Me: I took a few really long bus rides in Madagascar.

Richard: Well a master's is always a good idea.

Me: We got stuck in the mudd and had to change busses and then we got 3 flat tires and had no spare!

Richard: London can be a fun city though if you know the right places.

Me: Madgascar was really incredible.

Airport attendant : Everyone traveling with Air India please follow me.

Richard: Oh thats me, well enjoy the rest of your travels, it was nice to meet you.

Me: Same to you, nice talking to you :)


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