1) This one is in Korea, (Ange i love this picture of us) with me and medium hair

2) This is with Frank, my co-worker whom I love to death at our x-mas party before leaving for Mad, this is me with Bangs

3)This is one of me in Nam with short-ish hair

4) This is me bald right after I shaved it

5) this is in Nam again with my best friend from Nam Ninad (he's actually from San Fran...miss ya!)


  1. I think you look gorgeous with/without. You've got the perfect head shape for the bald look and you can rock it. =p That being said... I doooo miss your lovely locks too.... ;) (You are going to grow it in for the wedding though, right? lol) A biiiiittt.... *shoulder rotation* xoxox


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