The evils of the real world catching up.....

Sues'day everyone, this is just a quicky to say that although I've been sooo happy without one, I purchased a cell phone today!

I wasn't going to but I arrived in the community where I will be volunteering for the next 6 weeks and it's just easier if they have a way to get a hold of me.

So here is my number 855 765015828. The 855 I think is the country code... you might have to +55 or +855 then the number....I do not know but feel free to text or even call when you have a minute. Now remember it's a 12 hr difference....Ange for you that means 15hrs....ok 15hrs (meggi it's 6 hours from germany :) ). ALthough this time i have my own room so no worries about waking anyone up.

Muah to everyone! Cambodia is fabulous.


  1. I was actually trying to calculate it in my head and then I read my name... lol I've been thanked. meci. hahaha


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