The Sherpa people originated from Tibet and are probably the most famous ethnic group in Nepal and for good reason. Although, today you find various ethnics as porters, the originals are the Sherpa’s. It’s beyond incredible how much they can carry. The average Yak (mountain Bull basically) can carry something like up to 50kgs and the average Sherpa like 80kgs if not more.

All Sherpas carry the last name Sherpa so yes it’s M and Ms Sherpa please meet M and Ms Sherpa :) and are distinguished by their first name. Along with Edmund Hillary who was the first (or so we think) to summit Everest, was Tenzing Norgay, a Sherpa ( I think although there goes my all of them carry the last name Sherpa….. I’m pretty sure he was a Sherpa) in 1953.


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