I can't believe I'm actually here!

I had an overnight in the Delhi airport which was hell simply due to the fact that I couldn't get any sleep. The people however, were beyond nice, we got complimentary meals and a private lounge.

I'm very tired and I'm trying to make it to tonight. My guide, Wagdi is very nice and very jolly looking.....yes he's plump and you would never think someone like him does this trek dozens of times per year....but he does.

He took me out for a traditional nepalese lunch which we ate with our hands. Then I went to use the net and when I didn't have enough small change, the cashier said no problem you come and pay when you can! Wow, I love it here already. To make things better it's also a little "cold" as in I can wear long pants and I can walk around without wanting to rip my eyes out from the heat.

Katmandu is hectic, with cars and motorbikes and tuk-tuks coming to you from every direction but it's great. The people are truly helpful and it's quite cheap to live here...I almost wish I had purchased a ticket with a longer duration, but anyhow.

So I start trekking tomorrow and for the next three weeks I'll be trying to get closer to God on the world's mount Olympus.

I'll think of everyone back home.
Love you guys


  1. Can't wait to hear from you when you get back! *hugs* xoxox


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