Day 8 - 9

Periche to Lobuche (4930m)

Walk was about 3h25, everything is good health-wise and everything else wise. We stayed at a very basic lodge where the cooking gas outlet seemed to give directly into our room….. no wonder everything is great, I might be high the entire time!

Lobuche to Gorak Shep (5130m) and walk up to Kala Patar (5620m) which offers the best view of Everest.

For the tallest mountain in the world Everest is very shy and to be honest not the prettiest mountain. Ama Dablan is a beautiful mountain, it means Pregnant Mother and it looks like it has that glow pregnant women have. Everest seems more like the guy who impregnated her and wants to hide away from it. (kidding)
The view from Kala Patar is like nothing I’ve ever seen and thank God because the 2 hour walk to get up there is hell, when you wonder why? Why am I doing this? I could be somewhere warm sipping a glass of wine and more importantly sitting down rather than thinking every breath I take is my last one!
However, once at the top, it all makes sense. There’s a feeling of euphoria that you’ve made it there. You feel like Adam touching God’s finger in the Sistine Chapel. Everyone comes here for different reasons, some to meditate, some to find some sort of answer….but regardless here we all feel something that is the same. I can’t describe but it was one of the most beautiful moments of my life.
We took pics, some silly, some sillier, had Jerky and chocolate and just gazed at how perfect it all seemed.


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