Day 11

Dzonjhla to Cho La pass (5360m) to Thangnag (4700m)

The Cho La pass is a difficult pass through the mountains. It’s not to be taken lightly, 2 people have already died this year, one trekker and one porter. It’s narrow and steep on the way down and one must be very careful. This pass is sometimes closed and people have to turn around in that case.

It was a difficult but very rewarding day, quite beautiful in every way.
I think on this trek that all of Czech republic is currently in Nepal, I’m not sure who is garding their country as we speak but if anyone wants to invade I’d do it now. I have so many pictures with the Czech group and their flag that for a minute I thought I was from Prague….. but then I remembered how good looking the women in Prague are…...

This was the only time on the trek I needed my bionic leg.


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