No I didn't lose a bet, no I'm not becoming a buddhist monk, no I wasn't drunk....well maybe alittle.

It's something I was always curious about and now i finaly have the guts to do it. Like anything else I believe we should always try new things in life, from food, to travel, to meeting new people, to reading new books....to getting weird haircuts. It may not always workout and thats ok. If you never try you'll never know and change is good for the soul. (it's just hair in the end, it's not like i got a nose job)

To be honest i wasn't sure how I'd like it and I notice that people who may have looked at me before and thought I was pretty....not so much now and some more so, but none of it matters, I kinda think it looks sexy kinda like a Shanede O'connor (kinda) and I'm having fun with it.


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