Beyond words

Yesterday, I ventured to the Ho Chi Minh war memorial museum.....and wow. I mean I knew the Vietnam war, like any war really, was terrible but I guess I just never imagined it being so bad.

It's also different when you have pictures and people telling the stories and not just history books. It's crazy though how people today are still affected by the famous Agent Orange chemicals the Americans sprayed over Vietnam during the war. They have an entire section dedicated to pictures of people with birth defects....and I really couldn't get through to the end.

I'm not going to go into bashing the states because I am aware that this is a Vietnamese museum and obviously one sided but still something like over 2 million Vietnamese died versus about 200 000 Americans.

People in the museum were almost crying, I was one of them. It shocks me every time what we, as humans, can do to eachother and again we're not talking centuries ago, we're talking of a few decades. The worst of all really is the reasons for the war, the states and no other country had any place there. I wonder if Karl Marx had all this in mind when he wrote the Manifesto......but of course the Vietnam war was about more than just communism. Really though, poor people first have to fight the french then the Americans and basically if you look at the 20th century of Vietnam it's basically a century of's sad


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