The squat

The squat to us the squat is an exercise that trains primarily the muscles of the thighs, hips and buttocks but here it's the sitting, chatting, waiting, hanging out, working....eating....the everything position.

Women or men at street corners chatting are squatting, kids plyaing are squatting, people chopping meat are squatting, guys sitting around having a beer... I saw it in Korea and now here... it's crazy, I tried it and again it's not a white people thing, we just don't have these muscles. I'm not sure if it came from centuries of working in rice patties or just natural selection separated the good squatters from the non-squatters but it's quite something to see. Not to mention old women with like thighs of steal squatting all day.


  1. Actually squatting is also quite common in Armenia, although those who do it are usually thought of poorly.


  2. It's also the way a lot of people go to the bathroom :P (which I've heard is better for you)
    This concept may be foreign to you because you don't do that...


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