A resort in the Swiss Alps.

So really the only thing that should look like a resort in the Swiss Alps is a resort in the Swiss Alps...not Tremblant and most definitely not a village in the northern Vietnam mountains. Yes I understand it was part of a french colony and thats fine but this place was too much. The scenery around Sapa is beautiful but again I wasn't planning on going to Switzerland on this trip. And the sad part is that it looks this way because it caters to what people want and that means that were are people who come to Vietnam because they want a fake resort in the Swiss Alps with chain restaurants that serve bad western food...but it's western.

The advantage was that we got a really nice hotel and being the only girl I got the best room to myself with 2 huge beds and the boys got a smaller room and the 3 of them had to share. However, being the nice soul that I am I offered M Chung the second bed in my room which he accepted, he would come in at bed time and leave at 5 AM, two hours before I woke up and then make my coffee for 7 AM. GTCM asked why I didn't offer him the room and I simply gagged and threw up in my mouth a little :)


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