Ok last one

I know I've written alot today and you might not want to read it all but I won't be online again for a little while so....tough.

The last few days briefly.

We went through the mountains into the lake country where we had our last homestay and watched the sun set over a beautiful lake. The water was ridiculously warm.

It was our last night, we had lots of rice wine, Son cried because his father is very disappointed that he didn't go to University and become a pharmacist like all vietnamese people should . He really opened up to us, mainly to Greg about his life.

Greg was very nice and kept telling him how to channel his positive energy, he's a " what's your sign and are the planets correctly aligned today" type person. He kept trying to convince me to focus on the universe's energy and the moon....yeah. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that, to each his or her own but come one, I explained that I'm an engineer and really a very pragmatic/science/reality type person. I believe in God and that there is something that unites us humans but don't push it.

He then went outside to release all the negative energy he took from So, he was also a little drunk. So he went about flaring his arms and rotating his head and doing a moon dance while praying to the Gods of energy and light! I can't tell you how much the people whose house we were staying at and I laughed. It's not nice I know but it was quite funny.

And just when I thought ok maybe I hadn't been fair to Greg he came back in saying he needed some lovin'to re-fill his positive energy and said he really wished he could sleep next to me tonight! YYYUUUUKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NNNAASSSTYYYYY!

I laughed and said NO and that there was no energy transfer of any sort ever EVER happening between the two of us. He went to sleep and I think felt really bad the next morning.

So thats about it, overall I highly recommend seeing the country this way or part of it. Being with a local, meeting locals, the motorbike is alittle hard on the toosh but it's great. I loved it even if it meant meeting someone like Greg who I guess wasn't that that bad and it makes for a good story.

I hope everyone is well back home, I love you all


  1. Keep writing =) i could just picture GTCM doing a moon dance and you snapping your fingers at him profusely... lol hugs and kisses xoxox

  2. N'ain il fut Rrrriiiiiiidicule, mais bon it was a good laugh.
    Love you babes


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