The lone ranger

Me: Excuse me can I rent a motorbike?

My Hotel clerk: NO Motabike

Me: Oh ok is there somewhere close by I can rent one?

My Hotel clerk: NO Motabike

Me: Can I book a tour.

My Hotel clerk: NO Tour!

10:45PM that night the door is closed and locked to I knock and the clerk/owner comes out in his jamies.

Him: Sleep!

Me: I'm sorry?

Him: You 11PM go sleep!

Me: ??????

So I booked my tour of Halong Bay on my own at another hotel where the clerk was extremely helpful.

The next day I was on a boat with Victoria and Iain from england and Laurence and Linda (it's not Linda at all and I've forgotten her name because I suck as a person) from Germany. There was hardly anyone else on the Bay but us. We kayaked, swam, chatted, had lunch and got on so well we (or I) decided we'd all have dinner together. They turned out to be the nicest people. We got the western menu which is basically the same as the local menu only three times the price and half the quantity of food :) but it was a lovely evening.

Today I went to the national park on Cat Ba where you can do a guided 18kms hike. 18kms isn't alot but it's uphill and through rocks....oh and not to mention tropical storm! Lovely! But I got to meet Aly and Megan from the states who just finished teaching english in Japan for a year and Matan from Israel. Although not the best of hikes we had a few laughs and again I imposed dinner and drinks on them this evening which was great.

Oh and before dinner I had coffee in a little cafe and met a couple from France, Paris to be exact and they were just the most interesting people to meet. They have twin daughters my age and I don't know how to explain it but they just had the most interesting things to say about everything...It's such a shame we never just sit and chat with random people at home because you miss out on great conversations and very interesting people. I love traveling!

Anyhow, that's it for today,I'll post pics as soon as I buy batteries for my camera. If the tropical storm calms I will leave the island tomorrow and head for Hanoi and from there fly to Luan Praban in Lao! I can't wait.



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