Joy for two for one (Carry Bradshaw SATC)

Me: Hello can I please rent a bicycle?

Attendant: Fow how many peopwe?

Me: Just me

Attendant: You alone? No sorry only tandem.

Me: what? you don't have single bikes?

Att: No only tandem, you find someone!


Me: Hello I'd like a tour of Halong bay with the sea kayking

Att: Fow how many peopew?

Me: Just me.

Att: Only one! Why?

Me: And I'd like a kayak.

Att: Only Tandem kayak!

Ok so this is discrimination against lone travelers and I'm sure I'm not the first, I've seen other people alone......but I get this funny like No it can't be you're alone why? So there I was kayaking in Halong Bay in my tandem sea kayak trying to turn and steer which is really difficult alone..... Je me suis sentie stupide un peu but just because of the big kayak not because I was alone!


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