I'm in love and his name is Luang Prabang

Everyone said it and it's true.

I was told not to spend too much time in Vietnam, that I would like Laos alot more and I suggest that everyone do the same if they ever plan on coming to this corner of the world. Of course I didn't really listen to what people were saying and if I had to do it again I'd probably do the same and spend just as much time in Vietnam.

Vietnam is nice but the people here are so friendly and it's soo laid back and calm. There's a night market everynight until 10pm and it's just the nicest experience to shop. No one is grabbing you, no one yelling "YOU BUY SOMETHING!!!"

Luang Prabang is a town more than a city and I'm beginning to realize I don't like big cities, well no that's not true I do just not for too long at once.

Yesterday I went for a 3 hour massage/facial and then I went to see a local dance show. I had street meat for dinner with Shonn, an american/chinese guy living in Singapore. It was just great! It's insane how easily we make friends when we travel. In Hanoi I hung out with Yan from Belgium who I had met in Cat ba...insane.

Anyhow, today I bicycled around town, Luang Prabang is a peninsula and it actually really feels like an island. I had a croissant and a latte for breakfast, the french have really left their mark here, the bread is soo good. I read the Laos Times and just biked around to see the temples and surrounding rivers and mountains. Just the perfect day. I met travelers who decided to stay here for like 2 weeks and I completely understand. I'm really not the see it all in 2 days type traveler, I like settling in one place and getting to know it better. To me more time doens't always mean seeing more but seeing things better.

So it's great here and my guesthouse is really cute, family run with cats and kids running around everywhere!


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