i don't know what it is

I'm catching a flight tonight to Luang Brabang in Laos, everyone says I'm going to love it there so I can't wait.

I've been walking around Hanoi today and I just don't feel well, I'm not sure what it is, it's an overall unwellness. The heat, the pollution... I'm not sure, I mean the Paris heat wave was bad but I don't remember ever feeling like this. NYC can also be pretty bad in the summer but there's something about today, the back of my throat hurts, the overall yukiness.....maybe it's just time I got out of the city. I do like this city though...I also had one too many beers last night some a friend I met in Cat Ba and didn't sleep much...dunno.

I can suggest though that if planning a trip to Nam, take the heat into consideration and plan to spend some time outside the big cities.

Hope everyone home is well. I'm off to Laos!


  1. haha in Korea, we call it the Kimchi Squat! lol It's crazy, I think my grandmother has stronger thighs than I do >.< I hope you land safely in Laos and I've also heard that it was breathtaking there... have a great time fuzzy glove. muah xox


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