hey doll I have a great idea.

Me: (You're leaving on your own...) Really? What? With sooo much enthousiasm.

Well I'm planning on visiting the North east on my own next week, get my own bike and move at my own speed and I was thinking you would come with me. I know we'd have so much fun together.

Me: (ok i think I just threw up in my mouth a little) Um that sounds nice but I"m on a schedule and I already have something planned for next week.

TCM: Well I guess I 'll just have to try harder to convince you.

Me: Please don't!

I had clearly mentioned to TCM, and I hate having to lie about that but I had told him I was engaged to be married and this was my last sorta big trip before settling down....just to make it clear that i was REALLY REALLY NOT INTERESTED!


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