Bac Ha

We went to Bac Ha where everyone goes for the Sunday market. The local minority here is something that sounds like white flower....I left my notebook at the hotel and forgot how to spell it. Anyhow the women wear lots of clothes, something like10kg of fabric and since the average Asian woman weighs about 15kgs, it's alot of fabric!

They make their own clothes and specialize in all kinds of embroideries and such. The market was very colorful and lively with all kinds of smells going on.

After the market we went to visit a few villages, we had corn wine in one place (it's like% alcohol) that an old lady who didn't speak anything but her local dialect made. She wanted me to stay for dinner and showed me a pic of her son :)

Then we went to visit a school. Yes it was Sunday but we came across a bunch of kids playing soccer. Although I'm no Zidane, I took off my shoes and started playing with them, pretty soon we were running around, hiding, throwing wild berries at eachother, it was amazing. God I love kids.
The children here are not as easy to approach as the ones in Madagascar where you don't do anything and they jump all over you. The kids here are a little more weary, they don't like to be touched as much, not too into just sitting next to you, but like all kids they come around very fast, not to mention how cute they are.

I love kids!


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