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I traveled through South Africa by bus so the way back felt like the end of some 80's American movie where they show you all the places that were in the movie only now they're empty and you can hear echoes and see shadows of what went on during the movie. Well this is exactly what it felt like for me, from PE (where my wallet was stolen....nothing to worry about the only irreplaceable thing was my Madagascar resident card which makes me very sad but I'll get over it) to Jeffrey's Bay, to Storms River....Hermanus....Cape Town... and now back in Schiphol. Back at the internet cafe that I wrote my first Blog entry after having left. In fact back at the internet cafe where 3 years ago I came back from Kenya and told myself, this 3 week thing is not working for me I'm going to have to come up with something better...and here I am. It's strange how you think I would be so different now from 3 years ago when this dream sort of took life, but I'm not and I am....

Anyhow, a little while back, while still in Madagascar someone from home told me I have trouble with coming to terms with things ending as in goodbyes and such and I realize they were right. No matter how much I've traveled, how often I've had to say goodbye to people, places and experiences, I never seem to get better at it. I still get nostalgic and sad even though I know it'll be fine and even though I know the sadness usually goes as fast as it came.... but I can't help it. So true to form I'm not ready to say good bye to South Africa or Africa or to the first part of my "year" off. Maybe I'll be ready once I'm in Vietnam but for now I can't say goodbye.

I have a 4 hour layover here which is just enough for it to be too long and not enough to have time to go into the city, I'm hoping something like what happened when I came back from Kenya will happen and I'll have to spend the night here (this is when the goodbye thing comes in again).

The only favour I ask of everyone is please don't ask me the second you see me: "so how was it? Tell me all about it..." Firstly, my answer will be go read my blog because that was the general idea when I started writing, it turned out to be my travel journal almost in the end. It will basically be impossible to sum up in one conversation how it was or to tell you all about it and besides I'm sure that with time I'm going to be talking so much about it, you won't want to hear anymore...

I'm apologizing now if I might seem a little out of it or say things that won't make sense (it's the south African wine still in my system), just give me a little time and I'll be back to normal...well My normal :)

I'll be home tonight and in 2 weeks in Vietnam :)
My number at my mom's 450-686-8236



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