Saigon or Ho Chi Minh city, although I think I prefer Saigon because I'm not sure Ho Chi Minh has the right to have a city re-baptised in his name... Anyhow, Saigon is all that you would expect from an asian city, it actually reminds me of Seoul. It's hot, busy, there are tourists everywhere, the smell is quite unique, spices and pho and all kinds of things blended together. The one thing which I've missed while in Africa and that I love here is the 24-hourness of the city. You can shop ,eat, get a haircut at all hours of the night whereas in africa after 5 it feels like a ghost town in most places.

I'm getting used to Pho for breakfast although sometimes you have to wonder why people have hot soup in 35 celsius weather. Crossing the street is a challenge although not quite as bad as I thought it would be, I'm still far so good.

I've been too tired to chek out the night schene but i fly out of Saigon so I"ll have a few more nights to test it out when i come back.


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