Just like that

'Everyone going to the My Son, pwease get on bus.'

God I hate but HATE guided tours but this is the only way to get to the ruins apparently. Ok so I sit on the bus and a couple comes in and there are no 2 seats left together so being the generous soul that I am i give up my seat and in across the aisle next to an indian guy, Ninad.

Ninad is from San Fran and was doing some volunteer work in Cambodia with his boyfriend and is now just on holiday on his own for a few weeks. True to his origins, Ninad is a network engineer. So we really hit it off and spent most of the day together, in fact we got along so well we forgot to get on the bus to go back to Hoi An.... so we got some of the locals to take us on their motorbike! And this was the turning point of my trip, I went from blah to WOW!!!!!

In fact it was so nice I almost forgot that I saw a rat crawling up the wall in the souvenir shop at the ruins.....yup a big black rat, I kept looking up in case one was walking over my head...


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