I'm starting to get it

Last night I was on the night bus, I got into Ninh Binh really tired and yucky this morning.....and a little sad having been separated from my new friends.

Anyhow, Ninh Binh is a small-ish town near the Tam Toc Mountains and caves and one of Vietnam''s best national parks. So today I rented a bike, and I have to say biking is becoming my new favourite activity, and went to take a boat trip around the mountains. I then went biking through the mountains and rice patties. It was breathtaking!

It then started to rain so I took shelter in the front of this small store/cafe, I sat there reading my book with two Vietnamese men. It didn't''t take long before the offered me a beer and a puff of this pipe thing they were smoking. We were then joined by 2 other older Vietnamese men who also offered me a beer.....1 hour of rain and about 4 beers later, we seemed to communicate so much better.

I have no idea what they said but it was great! I then took off on my bike through another small village in search of a temple. As I ride my bike the sun was setting, I could hear themonks chanting from a temple not far and the children in the village would run after me and say hello or Xin Chao. The people in the country are so much nicer than the ones I''ve met in the city.

Anyhow, today it all came back, this is what traveling is about. Vietnam is beautiful!


  1. Yeah biking! You even had a basket. What more could you ask for? Miss ya!


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