I'm here

Wow I think my body is going to start hating me soon for all the flying I'm putting it through. As if a 24 hour flight/travel time wasn't enough we were delayed in Montreal going to Newark then 3 hours on the plane on the ground in Newark and then another hour in Hong Kong....but here I am!

I'm still tired and it hasn't quite sucken in that I'm here but I am. I got into the city last night at 12, wandered around and found an 8$/night hotel :) with fan and TV!

It's really and I mean REALLY hot here, I know it's a brilliant remark that it's hot in south east asia in the middle of August but I just wanted to point out that it's REALLY hot and humid.....I stinky!

OK I'm off to try to get into the rhythm of Saigon.

Hope everyone at home is well
PS:can you guys send me your home addresses please


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