The end approaching

As I mentioned I went back to Hermanus because it was just really nice there and the people were great. It felt like a home away from home and after so many months of travelling you need to sometimes just stay in one place, not live out of your backpack, not run around to do evertyhing. Plus the staff was very nice, Melissa and Barry are moving to Montreal in a few months, Barry will teach me how to rock climb... :)

So these were my last few days, I even made Osso Bucco one night! I went diving (again I saw a whale 2m away from was crazy) went hiking up the highest mountain in the area (you could actually ski at the top....not really but it was still nice), shopped, walked, had Italian ice cream, whale watched with a nice glass of local white wine, had waffles with cream....just what I needed before leaving.


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