Dear Montreal

Dear Montreal,
I don't know what to say really....the past two weeks have been just great. Everyone was saying how difficult things had been with you lately but I really felt like you put on your Sunday best just for me, it felt like the sun was out just to make me happy.

It felt nice to wake up with you every morning, go for walks and realise that in every street corner, every café, martini, great restaurant....we have a special memory, something just between us.

I know it may not always feel like it because I'm always leaving, but I've never loved anything more than you. I know it's hard to understand why I need to get away, I'm just not ready to stay forever, I need to see more and do more but no matter how far I am, a piece of my heart is always here.

I talk about you to everyone, everywhere I go. I say how there's nothing quite like you. You have style, you have grace , you're young and vibrant, diverse, you know who to please so many people at the same time..... and no one throws a party like you. Who could ask for anything more?

I won't lie, I was worried about how I would feel when I saw you again but you were the strongest of the two of us and made my time here wonderful.

Thank you and I'll see you in 6 months and we'll start our new adventure together.
love you


  1. boy do I miss home too.... Seeing these pictures of Mtl and you w/LN+mia.... made my heart grow heavy... I miss you guys so much. Hope you landed safely in Vietnam. Please let us know how everything is over there. And again, please be safe. Toujours. Je t'aime. xoxox

  2. N'ain Montreal was great and seeing everyone was great, mais GOD do I miss you gamine. I cry every time I'm on Marcel Laurin near Louisbourg...mais bon maybe you'll pass by asia a bit 2-2-2.
    I love you and I'll call you as soon as I get a phone here.
    LN in south east asia


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