Back to South Africa the recap

Since I've gotten here I've lived through every emotion possible....from depression to complete Ecstasy, from hating the things around me to not being able to leave them... and I've used it all as an excuse to indulge. Really I've jumped off bridges, gone partying, had cheese platters....and i have to say I have been having a blast.

So this is where we left off. After the caves and the bridge, Jeroen and I were in Storms River where we met up with James and Matts (two 19 year olds from England and we met in Hermanus) and with Laura and Lindsay the 2 Canadians I had met a few nights before.

J and I stayed down the street from them at the slightly "older" people's backpackers... We partied with them but went to sleep in the quieter part.

For his 31st b-day, J and I went mountain biking and hiking. So yeah biking.....hhuuhhh at first really really not my thing, some saddle pain and every 2 meters I had to stop and take my breath. Out of shape say you.....well yes but also I am a gear idiot! I may be a mech eng but I couldn't figure out how to properly change gears...J says it wasn't me but the bike. I'll take that excuse :)

Once we got the gears right though, wow! I loved it. I so have to start doing this at home more....I also have to start picking my activities cuz I guess i can't do it all. So that was lovely.

Then we took off and J and I were splitting up. I almost cried, we just hit it off so well and he was the perfect travel partner....even if he missed Anthony (his boyfriend back home) all the time. Also, travelling/vacation relationships are really intense, short lived but really intense and on the spot you feel like you're separating from a life friend.

Anyhow, at my new destination, the gang (Matt, James, Laura and Lindsay) were recovering from the night before, J and I had called it an early night to make the hike....they not so much, so we stayed in and all watched happy feet together.

The next day we all went sand boarding and quad biking through a game park.

Then Matt and James were nice enough to give me a lift to Port Elizabeth and the plan was they were to go to Cinsta some 3 hours away but somehow between lunch and drinks they convinced me to go with them. So yay road trip to Cintsa :) I love travelling alone sometimes....most of the time. Other than the fact that the gas light was flashing and making noise when we got to our destination, the trip was great and that night we met up with Jeroen for one last drinking night.


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