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Yesterday, Jeroen and I went for a walk. We left our perfect little resort/backpackers (and I say resort because the hostels here have nothing to do with the ones I've ever stayed at before). Anyhow, we went for a walk and ended up in the townships. I'm not really going to get into the apartheid thing again or how you feel walking from where you stay to where they live... it's not about that.

As we walked into the townships, we were greeted by something like 15 children, I felt like I was right back in Madagascar. They touched my hair which made them laugh (and with the colour job from Mad it would make anyone laugh, i look like bigbird gone wrong...) anyhow, we learned a few words in Xhosa and skipped around on the streets.

I could feel Jeroen wasn't 100% comfortable but the energy you get off children is like no other buzz, you can't help but be happy, smile.

He's a teacher and the first thing he said was "why are they so happy? God I wish I could get 10% of this reaction with my kids." And that's what it's about. I can't tell you how much I missed my kids and Betafo at that moment. It's different here and although I've felt good in alot of places because people are really nice, but HERE I felt like home. People sitting outside talking, singing greeting you....and of course the children. They just want to talk to you, touch you. Why? Who knows, why does it make them this happy? The important thing is that it does and that is what my life in Betafo was all about.

It really is all that matters, not that I've been feeling bleh since I got here, my horrible hair, unwaxed legs, clothes I want to burn and all this ME ME ME, it's about how you can give something back or just having some impact on someone else's life. I know it sounds very Oprah of me but it really has been great and I just wanted to share that again with everyone back home. Who knows maybe I'll come back to volunteer here one day.


  1. Hey sweetie! Lovin' the pics. hehe =) I can just imagine the type of fun you've been having... lol I've been super busy lately and my parents just left this morning. I'll write again soon and update you guys on everything once things get back to normal and we can breathe a bit. Also, tttttttu seras disponible at the end of May-June~ish next year. NAIN! ^.^ love you xoxoxox

  2. D'base I will be available.
    And yes I have been having a blast but there have been harder moments also. Leaving Mad was not easy and I still have my moments here but I've met so many great people I can't help enjoying it.
    I love you and I'll call you when i get home


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