Last saturday was Nelson Mandela's Birthday and I celebrated his 91st a little too much for someone getting up the next day at 7....Anyhow, I took the bus to Hermanus, a little seaside town about 150kms from Cape Town. We drove past the townships on our way and I got to see a little of the other side of South Africa. They offer tours of the townships so that people can sit in nice busses while being driven through the townships so they can take pictures of the people who live there.....

Anyhow, Hermanus is really nice and everyone here is dressed like they're out for a Ralph Lauren magasine, still not the Africa I'm looking for but in all fairness I am in the most commercial/touristy area, so it's a little my own fault. My hostel is really nice but what's been great is the people. Melissa, who works at the reception and is married to another guy that works here,Barrey, is from Chambly! Yup I'm in South African talking to a girl from the south shore-ish....

On my first day I went sea kayking to see the whales, although I didn't see any whales I had the nicest guide ever. We ended up going for sushi that night and I bored him with talk about Madagascar, I don't think he wants to see me anymore :)

When i first got here, Melissa's husbdand saw my hiking poles and arranged for me to go hiking with another of the staff members. So yesterday, I went on a 6 hour hike with Tertius (i'm really not sure how you spell that, it's Afrikaans/latin). It's so strange how you can spend a certain amount of time with a person whom you don't even know and talk about everything from your life goals, dreams, fears....everything really and then at the end of the day you realize you don't even remember eachother's names. He's a really nice, very nature loving and all around fun to be around person.

So yeah I'm starting to give into South Africa, I can't help it, the people are just great and the scenery is amazing. I think yesterday's hike was close to the best 6 hours I've spent in this country so far.


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