Amni' manaraka indray Madagascar

Madagascar was my home, no Betafo was my home, Meggi my roomie/confident/nutellaer/beerfriend/overall amazing friend and person, my family lives there, my 51 little sisters and 600 of my nieces and do you say goodbye? You don't, you can't, the only way to leave is to say i'll be back.....i'll be back soon.

My life here was perfect, i came with the idea of helping and in turn I spent 6 of the most wonderful months of my life. The happiness i felt here is the purest most natural i have ever felt. You were all right when you said i was going to meet someone and fall in love and not want to come home. I met someone and i fell in love 670 times over. I dont know if anything else will ever top the things that i lived here.

I don't know how or what is different about me, I can say that I have a better idea of what life should be but i have no idea how to bring that into my reality, i am more than ever convinced that coming here was the smartest thing I've ever done. I know that i can't be in a relationship with someone who does share my desire to help others and do something like what I just did. It wasn't important before but now it is, I always knew life wasn't about having pretty things or fancy dinners or all the other stuff but now i know for sure you can be truly happy without any of those things (don't worry I'm not going to become some barefoot in the parc hippie). Yes I love my life my life, I love Outremont and all the good stuff but I can't say how i've changed or how it's going to affect my life.

I lived a simple existence here, something so intense and real yet basic, I can't say living with sisters (who despite not being perfect I love as if they were family) made me closer to God but I do realize that I speak to God alot more often now. I also know I haven't changed all that much so don't worry about how I'll be when i come home....

The most important thing I learned here is that there is nothing more important than love, loving and feeling loved. It can change a life and it's amazing how easy it is to love someone, even someone who hardly speaks a word of the same language, it has been a gift and i feel truly truly blessed.

Silly Interesting facts:
-a large tube of colgate lasts more than 6 months
-300m of floss is too much for 6 months even for me
-2 large deodorant dove sticks lqst over 6 months on a daily use
-a bar of soap is way more efficient than liquid soap
-you can be happy with a bucket and cup shower
...... I'm trying to be funny but it's not working

I'm overwhelmed with emotions right now and i don't know what else to say. As I said the only way to accept leaving is to say that it's just for a little and i'll be back one day soon to see my kids, the sisters and my very beloved girls.

Thank you for following me on this journey I hope i was able to give you a small idea of how great it was.

love you all very much


  1. Wow, What a amazing journey and it's not over...
    I don't think we can ever understand but we will be there
    in your home life to listen to you stories, to support you if needed and to Love you!

    See you soon,
    Later gator,
    seb xxx


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