Where did the years go?

Dear AM,
Wow 28.... I still think we're going to try to throw you a surprise party at your dad's restaurant and have Parisa drive by in front of your house and ruin the "surprise" or Many and I will come over for your mom's wonderful pasta and fall asleep watching movies..... or as most of my recent brithday cards have started.... 5 years ago now we were off on our road trip.....5 years!!!! INSANE and now you're a mom and the other two are being nue at the other end of the continent and I'm here. HOw did all this happen?

And yet has anything really changes? Are we smarter, more serious, less stupid and riiiii when we're together? From forced sleep, drives to NYC to see the ball drop and come home to being nue in Paris and cooked alive....I'm so happy there was someone in mi life crazy enough to think these were all good ideas.

I have to run because it's my last day in the city before I leave Betafo and I have 1000000 things to do, but happy birthday and I love you beyond words for everything that we've been through, for what we are now and for all the wonderful things still to come. There is no greater gift than having a best friend like you.

Love you and Happy birthday


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