Special events

So we are the 19th and tomorrow is a very special day. Tomorrow two very special people are promising to love eachother for the rest of their lives. Sometimes the idea of marriage just feels like another step in one's life....but when you really think about it, two people coming together deciding yeah this is it! WOW! I couldn't think of two people who deserve happiness more than you Liz and Steve, and how lucky that two people i love so much and two such good friends have found eachother.

I have no words to say how much I've loved having both of you in my life and how I wish you mountains and oceans of happiness in your journey.

I will think of you all day tomorrow with a heavy heart that I can't be there with you but so happy that this day will (I am convinced) bring both you happiness for the rest of your days.

I love you very much


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