today is meh

So I had prepared all kinds of interesting things to say today with pictures but as it turns out my USB key is sick and doesn't want to give my documents so today will be short and sweet.
I'm still getting Birthday mail from people which is wonderful but don't worry if it takes a little longer than planned, I don't mind my birthday lasting a few extra months.

So talking about a few extra months, it's official now I'm staying longer, my new return date is August 7th. I will leave Mad on July 16th and send 3 weeks in the Cape and then I come home. My pit stop home will also be brief (about 2 weeks) Before I head off to Asia from the end of August to mid Feb. is the plan so far, but I have to see if New Andrea is willing to keep my place for an extra month, if not I might either come home end of Jan or just say whatever and still stay until mid-Feb..

Liz and Steve, I'm beyond sad to miss your wedding but I love you just the same and I promise to make it up with many hockey nights where the habs will not be beaten by Boston and many crocks and St-Viateur bagels (I miss home now).

I am still very happy here but I do miss my home and not to mention all of you.
PS: I'm taking an internet break again so don't worry if you don't hear from me for a few weeks.
PPS: because some of you asked again

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